Why Amethyst Azul
Our Cause and Purpose

My days in the operating room were often exciting. My heart would jump every time a new life was delivered, or a new organ was successfully transplanted. Administering blood and other life-saving substances was thrilling, as it was saving a life or two along the way. 

On April 3rd, 2018 Baltimore Ketamine Clinic opened its doors to individuals who had suffered for a very long time. A number of them had attempted to end their lives at least once before. They felt hopeless and worthless, and their sadness was overwhelming. Some of them had horrific physical chronic pain, pain that was not relieved by any available treatments, until they had Ketamine infusion therapy. Over the past two and half years, Baltimore Ketamine Clinic has administered over 1500 ketamine infusions to patients who had suicidal ideations, anxiety, PTSD, depression, and chronic pain, with 70-75% responding to treatment. We have shed many tears of happiness for our patients! We refer to Baltimore Ketamine Clinic as the place where magic happens!  

In addition to Ketamine infusion therapy, Baltimore Ketamine Clinic has brought Scrambler Therapy to our region! This medical device provides significant pain relief to those affected by neuropathic and visceral pain, while allowing them to decrease or wean off their pain medication, thus significantly improving their quality of life!  

The majority of our patients, however, do not have the financial resources to undergo or stay on our treatment. This led us to start the Amethyst Azul organization. We believe that with our work, dedication, and the help of our donors, we can make a difference.  

•      Together we can stop suicide. 

•      Together we can relieve mental and physical pain.