Words from our satisfied patients.

Experiences from our Patients

  • My 14-year-old daughter has been dealing with drug-resistant, chronic pain for years. After cancer treatment, she developed osteonecrosis in both of her kneecaps and eventually needed a wheelchair in most situations outside of our home. Her pain scale number was consistently at a 10 for years.
    Baltimore Ketamine Clinic’s, Calmare Scrambler Therapy provides a non-invasive, pain free, drug free treatment that works fast. After 10 treatments, over a 2-week time frame, Meghan’s pain level is now consistently a 5. The wheelchair is used much less. We plan to continue to the Scrambler therapy to see even better results.
    What adds to this experience is the owner, Ivana. I can’t express the gratitude I have for her. She works directly with her patients, is very knowledgeable, professional, follows up, and truly understands the importance of empathy.
  • Our 22-year-old son suffers from Major Depressive Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Over the past four years, he has tried numerous medications, which have not improved his condition, so he is considered “treatment resistant.” In seeking alternative therapies, he tried sensory-deprivation floats, TMS, and medicinal THC. At best, these remedies provided some short-term relief. As our son’s mental health was rapidly deteriorating, we were becoming desperate for help.
    We contacted Ivana at Baltimore Ketamine Clinic and the transformation after our son’s first IV Ketamine treatment was remarkable. While the science of Ketamine is still being researched, I can testify with first-hand knowledge that it has made a dramatic difference in the life of my son. Maintaining his treatment plan, he continues to show signs of improvement in his overall well-being. After just a few months, he is well beyond the debilitating oppression of suicidal thoughts and daily panic attacks. He now has the ability to function.
    The compassion of Ivana and her team, the education that they provide to clients, along with the Ketamine treatments, has been a relief to both me and my son. I am hopeful that as he continues his infusions, along with regular psychiatric care, that the Ketamine will continue to have a positive effect.
  • I have been suffering from Neuropathy associated with my illness for 20 years now. I wasn't sure if the IV therapy would even work to help with my pain. I'm still not sure how it works but after the first treatment I felt relief, and as a side effect, it also made my depression about being chronically ill and in pain for so long much better. I can't tell you why it works but it clearly does, and that’s all I need to know.
  • For the first time in 15-20 years I asked my doctor to DECREASE my pain meds!!!!!
    I am truly hoping this is only the start to get me back into life a bit more. Thank you for giving me that opportunity!
  • I used to refer to my depression as a thief that had come for my soul. The light in my eyes dimmed until it was very nearly gone, my moods charging ever downward as quickly as someone blows out the flame on a candle. My diagnoses include, but are not limited to: Major Depressive Disorder, Bipolar II Depression, PTSD, Social Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, and a torturous five-year long episode of complete Agoraphobia. This was all I knew of adulthood, trying to survive and manage these weights I was given. I could not plan for a future that I wasn’t certain was going to be there for me, as I was prone to daily suicidal ideation, and five actual failed but serious attempts in the past twenty years.
    When I first started reading about Ketamine Therapy, I thought there’s no way that it works as well as it’s being presented. I had tried every - and I quite mean every - mix of medicines that made their way through the market. It was determined that I fell into a category of “Treatment-Resistant Depression,” which means I do not respond to any conventional daily medicine. In point of fact, it made things much worse. Every suicide attempt I ever made was on a prescription medication. More mental health promises unkept.
    However, I was lucky to have a partner who was determined to yank me out of the personal hell I was living. I honestly only ever tried Ketamine for him, just so he’d know we tried everything together. I was planning another attempt; I couldn’t take the pain anymore. I could not function in this life.
    And then suddenly, a mental health treatment actually drastically helped me, instead of kicking me down the rabbit hole of what is a symptom versus what is a side effect, wondering what my personality even was like without the anchor weight of mental illness. Ketamine Infusion Therapy has completely saved my life. Within days, I was an actual human being again. The light was back on, brighter and clearer than ever before. During the sessions, I feel safe to revisit old traumas and events that had kept me so stuck. I could look at all aspects of my life, and instead of feeling overwhelmed, I felt confident that I could find solutions to these problems. I could face the pain and get through it this time, and let it go in my own terms.
    This former agoraphobic 39-year-old woman has now been able to travel to see friends and family in other states that I hadn’t seen in ever so many years. I am finally writing that book. I got a car. I plan for a future quite excitedly, eager to see what I could contribute to this world. I used to only feel like a burden to those around me. Now I take great pride in who I am, and what I have survived to be here. I’ve been on the Ketamine Infusion Therapy protocol for the better part of four years. It has been the game changer for my brain to heal itself, and see what life possibilities I could navigate with a new strength beyond my mental illness.
    For the first time in twenty years, because of Ketamine, I don’t feel like a burdensome and worthless person. I frequently get such clarity during sessions, and shutting the doors on my past is finally something I am in control of. I have mental illness, but it does not have me.
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